Mastering Google & Facebook Advertising for Local Business

The Guide to Digital Advertising for Local Businesses

The world of advertising is a massive place, with many kingdoms both old and new. From the more traditional kingdoms of newspaper and radio advertising to the flashy streets of the Google Adwords kingdom, it’s a big place to explore.

Let’s face it: the digital advertising kingdoms are reigning supreme. How can they not, when the average person spends more time online than on all other media combined (Webbiquity)?

Traditional advertising still works—there’s no doubt. When a consumer hears or sees an ad, the behavior after is what has changed. Instead of showing up on the doorstep ready to buy, what do they do? They search online! And what happens if your business isn’t there? The consumer uses a competitor that has a good online presence. So your business has spent money advertising for your competitors. Many companies have yet to receive the message being broadcast: that digital advertising is essential, even when it is a complement to traditional.

Here’s where we come in. Now is your chance to grab a piece of the digital advertising pie with us, which continues to grow at an alarming rate. Digital advertising revenue alone increased 20% in half a year in 2016 (IAB). Grab a piece of the digital advertising pie, and get started navigating the new world of digital advertising.

When it comes to advertising for local businesses, there are two main objectives:

  1. Increased and immediate sales,
  2. Increased brand awareness/lead generation.

Where do you begin? The good news is that you don’t have to learn half a dozen new platforms to master the space of local digital advertising. Virtually all of the growth in the digital ad world can be attributed to two giant kingdoms: Facebook and Google.

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