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Improving Texino's sales performance through revenue operations


Texino, a luxury recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer, faced significant challenges in their sales process, resulting in lost opportunities, extended sales cycles, a low opportunity-to-customer close rate, and inadequate lead nurturing. This case study explores how our team collaborated with Texino to identify and address these bottlenecks, optimize their sales process, and customize their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Additionally, we provided comprehensive training and support to successfully adopt the improved process and tools. The results achieved within six months demonstrate the positive impact of our intervention on Texino's sales performance.

Texino RV


  1. Inconsistent sales process: The Texino sales team lacked a standardized and efficient sales process, leading to inconsistencies in their approach and outcomes.

  2. Lack of pipeline organization: The absence of a well-structured pipeline management system resulted in missed opportunities and difficulties in prioritizing leads effectively.

  3. Lengthy sales cycles: Texino experienced extended sales cycles, averaging six months, causing delays and reduced revenue generation.

  4. Low opportunity-to-customer close rate: The opportunity-to-customer close rate was a mere 8%, indicating a suboptimal conversion rate and missed potential.

  5. Poor lead nurturing: The sales team struggled with nurturing leads effectively, leading to a loss of potential customers and revenue.


  1. Identifying bottlenecks: Our team closely collaborated with the Texino sales team, conducting comprehensive assessments to identify key bottlenecks in their sales process and CRM utilization.

  2. Analyzing CRM gaps: We evaluated Texino's existing CRM system to identify gaps that hindered sales performance, including inadequate data tracking, limited customization, and ineffective lead management capabilities.

  3. Optimizing the sales process: Leveraging our expertise, we redesigned and streamlined Texino's sales process, focusing on standardizing steps, defining clear milestones, and implementing best practices for lead management and qualification.

  4. Customizing the CRM: To enhance CRM utilization, we tailored the system to match the specific needs of each salesperson, incorporating features such as automated workflows, personalized dashboards, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

  5. Training and support: We provided extensive training and ongoing support to the Texino sales team, ensuring a smooth transition to the optimized sales process and customized CRM. This included training sessions, workshops, and individual coaching to address any concerns or difficulties.


  1. Increased close rates: Within six months of implementing the optimized sales process and customized CRM, Texino experienced a notable 6% increase in their opportunity-to-customer close rate. This improvement signifies a higher conversion rate and enhanced revenue generation.

  2. Reduced time to close: The implementation of the streamlined sales process and customized CRM led to a significant reduction in Texino's average sales cycle time, cutting it in half. This acceleration resulted in faster revenue realization and improved operational efficiency.

  3. Enhanced lead nurturing: The refined sales process incorporated effective lead nurturing techniques, resulting in improved customer engagement and an increased likelihood of closing deals successfully.

  4. Improved pipeline management: Texino's sales team benefited from a well-structured and organized pipeline management system, enabling them to prioritize leads effectively and seize opportunities promptly.

  5. Increased sales team confidence: Through comprehensive training and ongoing support, the sales team gained confidence in utilizing the optimized sales process and customized CRM. This increased comfort level led to improved adoption rates and overall sales performance.



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