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Hand holding mobile phone with Google Search on the screen.

What is paid search?

The definition of paid search advertising is paying a search engine (like Google or Bing) to show users an ad for your product or service when they search those keywords online. Whenever someone clicks on your ad, that’s when you owe the search engine money. This is called the pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CCP) model, and it’s the most common payment model for paid search advertising services.

Google Ads and Bings Ads are specific types of paid search marketing that allow you to market to those networks in particular; for example, if you are using Google Ads, you will appear in searches related both to Google’s Search Network (search queries on Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, etc.) and Google’s Display Network, which includes partner sites like Gmail and YouTube. There are other payment models for paid searches, which include cost-per-mille (CPM) or cost per thousand impressions. This means you have to pay every time one thousand people view, not click on, your ad. It’s a better model for companies who want to raise brand awareness rather than revenue.

You may be asking why you need paid search management services if you can simply outbid your competition for the top spot in the Google Product Listing Ads lineup. But the highest-ranking doesn’t simply go to the highest bidder. That’s why our paid search marketing services work with you to perfect the quality of your ads so that they are prioritized not just on their bidding price but on their merit too, as Google and Bing both take ad quality and search context into account when ranking listings.


What is paid social?

The great thing about our paid social marketing services is that we can tailor your ads to very specific demographics, so we can make a series of ads targeted to the different kinds of leads you want to generate. Maybe you want to target different age groups, geographical areas, or buying behaviors. Our paid social marketing services will help you determine the most effective ways to target and retarget potential leads. Paid social ads allow you to accumulate views and clicks more quickly than if you were putting out ads and waiting for traffic to accumulate organically.

Similar to paid searches, paid social ads often focus on a pay-per-click model, so you have to pay every time someone clicks on your ads. Every social media platform displays content differently and is used for different purposes, so our paid social media services take into account which platforms we think would be most suitable for the kinds of goods/services you offer. For example, if you are a clothing company, using Instagram ads to show off your products makes more sense than using Twitter, which is mostly a verbal medium.

We can help you find the exact graphics, captions, hashtags, and release schedules that will give your ads maximum impact. As another example, if you are looking to target middle-aged customers about insurance policies or retirement plans, Facebook ads would be more appropriate as those users tend to skew older. But we can help you narrow your target even further to get the right eyes on your content. With our paid social media services, your ads will be bringing in clicks, shares, and conversions in no time.

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